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The Greenhill Fine Arts Department offers a multitude of courses to students interested in improving their artistic skills. While many choose to enroll in these classes, others produce their own art during their free time. Here is a look at some social media platforms students use to publish their work.


Junior Amy Yang has been sharing her work on Tumblr (@mag-draws) and Instagram (@birbstille) for a year. She mainly works with traditional and digital 2D art. Amy got the idea of sharing her work on social media from other artwork posted on social media sites. According to Amy, the most important thing to remember on social media is to not become discouraged after seeing other art.


Junior Grace Doyle, creator of @gracedoyleportfolio, promotes her work through Instagram. Grace publishes a variety of art, including 2D art, 3D art and animation. Grace was introduced to 2D art by her family at a young age, but recently established her social media platform and diversified her content. Upon recognition of the importance of building connections in the art world, Grace decided to use social media to spread her work.


Senior Rachel Friedman started working on many different forms of art in seventh grade. Over the years, she has been using her Snapchat account to promote her art, but then realized that she wanted a more permanent form of documentation. Rachel started her Instagram account (@rachmakesstuff) to share her art permanently. According to Rachel, one important thing that social media can promote is the meaning behind every piece of art. She said that works of art which have a significant message embedded in them, such as political and social issues, tend to draw more attention if shared on social media.



Sophomore Kyra Moran just recently started an Instagram account (@pianomonky.ra) to promote her music. Although she has been singing and playing instruments since a young age, she started her account when her friends encouraged her to share her music with others. Kyra uses social media as a way to share her art without having to perform onstage. She said that she feels more comfortable sharing her work on social media because of the controlled audience.



Photos from respective Instagram accounts

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