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Trevor Worcester named Interim Head of Upper School for 2017-2018 school year

On Feb. 6th, current Modern and Classical Languages Department Head, co-chair of the Vision Committee, and Middle and Upper School Latin teacher Trevor Worcester was named the Interim Head of Upper School for the 2017-2018 school year.

“I think he is an exceptional candidate,” said Head of School Scott Griggs. “He is widely respected by students, faculty and administrators alike. He has the energy and vision to do a great job.”

Prior to Head of Upper School Laura Ross’ announced departure, Mr. Worcester was already looking into moving to an administrative position.

“I had been thinking about moving into or trying to look for this kind of administrative position just last year, “ said Mr. Worcester. “So, when Mrs. Ross announced her departure in the fall, it just seemed like the right thing to do with the love I have for this school and wanting to see it continue to grow.”

The term “Interim Head of Upper School” indicates that Mr. Worcester will be the Head of Upper School, however it is not a permanent position. By the end of the 2017-2018 school year, Head of School Scott Griggs will be stepping down. Thus, it will be up to Mr. Griggs and the new Head of School to decide how they would want to handle to Head of Upper School position and if they would want to reappoint the position for any reason.

“We want to make sure that this is not a position where he is treading water for a year,” said Mr. Griggs. “There are several initiatives where we need to continue to move forward.”

Mr. Worcester hopes to use the time to develop potentially new ideas.

“There are no major structural changes that are going to occur for next year, we are not changing anything,” he said. “We are working on possible ideas. I think this is an opportunity to really transform the way we do things in the Upper School, including slowing the pace down in the Upper School.”

Some potential changes would include reevaluating the daily schedule and trimester schedule. However, as Mr. Worcester said, nothing is set in stone right now. His focus the first few months will be to get to know the climate of the Upper School more.

“I’m really looking forward to is diving into those different areas that I am aware of but I don’t really understand fully,” he said. “What excites me is to confirm what I know is already true and that is that we have an awesome student body and faculty.”

Mr. Worcester will now be working with Mrs. Ross for the remainder of the school year to ensure there is a smooth transition between the outgoing and incoming Head of Upper School through meetings and staying with communication with Mrs. Ross for the remainder of the year.

“I’m excited, I think it’s a great choice for the school and I feel really confident that the things I care about will continue to be at the center of the school with Mr. Worcester,” said Mrs. Ross. “It makes me happy.”

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  1. Susan March Rives 2 years ago

    You could not have picked a more qualified and amiable candidate!!!!
    Former colleague CMS

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