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Students take teacher evaluation surveys

At the culmination of the first trimester, Greenhill students in third through twelfth grade took surveys regarding their instructors’ approach to teaching for the first time.

Teachers of different grade levels designed the survey last spring. The survey is comprised of three sections: adjectives, questions, and an open-ended question. These sections are intended to highlight the community values at Greenhill, in an effort to ensure that these principles are upheld in the learning process.

Instructors at Greenhill have already begun to gauge the feedback they were given from their students in an effort to maximize the value of the tool.

For example, the varsity cross-country runners and students in the first trimester Sports and Society class took the survey. After looking through and interpreting what his students had to say, Director of Academics Jason Yaffe said that he has already started to act on the feedback he received.

According to him, teachers are learners in the same manner as students, and the survey tool allows for teachers to receive the feedback they offer their students regularly. This makes the ultimate goal of conducting these surveys offering teachers an opportunity to improve their work.

“The ongoing work we do as educators is to learn and listen to feedback to identify areas of growth,” said Mr. Yaffe. ‘Teachers can look at the patterns [in the surveys] as an opportunity to start thinking about action steps in terms of change.”

Sophomore Scott Wang took the survey in his Fashion Drawing class, and he believes that it offered a meaningful opportunity to provide feedback on the course.

“The survey was a way for students to comment on the pros and cons in the class, which helps teachers gather opinions and either change or keep their curriculum in future classes,” said Scott. “It is also a way to compliment teachers if their curriculum is helping [students] learn.”

Both students and teachers are hopeful that the survey will bring about positive changes in the learning environment, but this change will likely be gradual.

“We are not expecting teachers to change overnight,” said Mr. Yaffe. “It is a growth process and instructors need time to digest the feedback.”

  1. Chase Brown 3 years ago

    Will it become standard for all teachers to hand out this survey? I do not recall participating in one at the end of the first trimester. I do think however it would be very beneficial for all students to fill out surveys on their teachers at the end of each trimester.

    • Evergreen Online 3 years ago

      Yes, according to Mr. Yaffe, it is standard for all teachers to hand out this survey. However, you may not have received a survey if you are not taking any trimester classes. In year-long courses, the surveys are only handed out twice, not necessarily at the end of the first trimester. In trimester-long courses, the survey was given out at the end of first trimester.

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