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Sports Update: 05/16/19

Wide receiver Matias Henry ’21 in action. Photo courtesy of @matiashenry.02 on Instagram.

Starting wide receiver, Matias Henry ’21, will be attending the two-week IMG football camp this summer. IMG has one of the best high school football programs in the nation. This will hopefully improve his skills and get him ready for the upcoming season.

Drake Muller, courtesy of @_damuller14_ on Instagram.

Drake Muller ’20 will play for the AAU Texas Impact basketball team this summer in preparation for next season. Drake won offensive player of the year last season and will hopefully keep that up for the 2019-20 season.

Spring football practices ended last Friday. The number of players on the team has tremendously increased.

ESD transfer quarterback Gregory Osler ’21 attended every spring practice and morning lift last week. He will officially join the Greenhill community in the fall.

Field Hockey players Lane Herbert ’21, Lilly Thieberg ’22 and Shreya Saxena ’21 will be attending a Regional Futures Tournament in Denver this weekend.

The varsity field hockey team will be traveling to Princeton University for the Princeton Field Hockey summer camp. They will work on skills and compete in games throughout the trip.

Photos courtesy of @matiashenry02 and @_damuller14_ on Instagram.

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