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New Faculty Members Join the Hill

The Evergreen’s Introduction to Journalism class randomly selected a couple of new faculty members to profile, scroll down to learn more about a few of them. For a full profile on Head of Fine Arts, Terry Martin, read the first issue of the Evergreen, set to publish October 5.


Elizabeth Schwartz, Second Grade teacher

[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Elizabeth Schwartz is a new second grade teacher at Greenhill School. She now teaches all subjects except for science and co-curricular classes. She attended the University of Denver. Ms. Schwartz’s favorite part about teaching is when the child understands a new concept and has an ah-ha moment. Ms. Schwartz attended Greenhill until fifth grade, when she switched to Shelton. Ms. Schwartz has been a teacher for six years. She taught five years at Good Sheppard Episcopal School, and this is her first year at teaching at Greenhill..

Ever since she was a little girl she has wanted to be a teacher. She wants to make an impact on students as her teachers did to her. As a young adult she would love playing with younger kids, like her cousins. ” Working with the children, and seeing their face light up when they finally understand something.”


Emily Corbin, Middle School Guidance Counselor.

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Emily Corbin now works at Greenhill school as the Middle School Guidance Counselor.

Ms. Corbin previously worked at DISD Alternative Education School as a disciplinary counselor. She first heard about Greenhill through friends and graduates of Greenhill.

Ms. Corbin has always known her calling in life was to work with children. When starting out her professional career, she worked in patient psychiatry at Children’s Medical Center. She then decided to start working as a guidance counselor at a school.

“I think kids are awesome, I love working in the middle school and seeing the difference between the fifth graders and the eighth graders is incredible. There’s so much growing up in these years,” said Mrs. Corbin.

Story by Amber Syed



Lauren Marold, Lower School Computer Science and Engineering teacher

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Lauren Marold is a new Lower School Computer Science and Engineering teacher. She has big things planned for her course, which is computer science and engineering, and cannot wait to get started, as she said. She is bringing new things into what was previously simply ‘computer’ class, and everybody is excited about the innovative changes she will be making to the course.

Mrs. Marold was born and raised in Addison. Mrs. Marold worked at Good Sheppard for eight years out of college. She wanted something different, which is how she ended up here at Greenhill.

“I did not know this was where I was going to end up.” Mrs. Marold said when asked whether or not she always wanted to be a teacher. She went to Texas State for her undergrad and got a BFA in art, for painting.

“There was an opening at a school and they asked me if I would come in and teach computer classes to elementary students…and I fell in love.” Mrs. Marold. Computer science and engineering has been her passion ever since.

Computer science and engineering is an advanced subject, and so she takes extra precision to teach it to second, third, and fourth graders. Her curriculum includes different elements of robotics, programming, and coding. She will be using a program called Scratch, which was developed by MIT. Mrs. Marold’s course will entail many interesting, new, and stimulating things, such as design challenges, and engineering pieces with circuitry and building. However, she won’t be taking away the basic necessities: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and the basic functions of a computer will still be the base of the curriculum.

Story by Caroline Simpson



Sari Pogorzelski, Pre-K teacher

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New pre-k teacher Sari Pogorzelski chose to return to Greenhill after working as a fellow several years ago. She has the unique opportunity to work with the youngest age group of children in a community that continues through the twelfth grade.

Ms. Pogorzelski attended Union College in upstate New York and Columbia University for her Masters degree. Through participating internships with museums, she found that her real passion was working with kids. She channeled this into working as a camp counselor.

Ms. Pogorzelski is not entirely new to Greenhill, however, as she was a teaching fellow four years ago. She reflected on her experience as a fellow with fondness and had since hoped to return to Greenhill.

“I’ve worked at many different schools and there is no other community that has the same special feeling as Greenhill,” said Ms. Pogorzelski.

She thinks one day she might have more interest in teaching older age, but loves where she is at the moment.

“Right now, I prefer early childhood age but I think it would be cool to sit in on several upper school English classes later on in my career,” she said.

She placed significant emphasis on the individuality evident in the Greenhill community and loves the ambience and passion for learning present at the school.

“I am so happy that I was able to return to Greenhill and I know that there is no other place I would rather be teaching,” said Ms. Pogorzelski.

Story by Mira Jungerman



Stephanie Finley, Physical Education teacher, Varsity Girls Lacrosse Head Coach, Varsity Field Hockey Coach

[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Stephanie Finley is now an assistant field hockey coach, teaches PE, and the head coach of lacrosse.

Coach Finley was born in Pennsylvania and lived in Virginia until she made her way over to the Southwest to explore further interest for the sport she loves.

“It’s a new sport here, so that’s why I ended up moving here [Dallas] to help grow the sport… it’s gotten so big”, she enthusiastically said. Coach Finley has played field hockey all her life, but decided to make lacrosse her “life passion” after getting actively recruited and playing in college.

Stephanie Finley has been at Greenhill for two years. Originally she had come to be the head lacrosse coach, but now she has expanded into field hockey and PE. This is her first year as a full time coach! Until she filled in for Coach Toni, another coach at Greenhill, Stephanie Finley didn’t realize that she hadn’t fully tapped into all her interests.

“I love working with kids, and it’s something I didn’t realize I had such a passion for until I filled in for Coach Toni… and I just fell in love with it and I’m so happy to have [had] this opportunity,” she said.

Story by Anushka Harve




Valarie Rhomberg, third grade teacher

[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Ms. Valerie Rhomberg teaches third grade. Her experience at Greenhill started two years ago when she was a teaching fellow as well as being a substitute teacher for extended periods of time in the first grade.

The St. Louis native got to Dallas in 2010 to receive her undergrad at Southern Methodist University where she found her love of teaching.

“It was actually a class I took as an elective, my senior year,” said Ms. Rhomberg, “We tutored children who were behind in reading levels.” She tutored a second grader who was reading at a pre-k level.

“That class was supposed to be just an easy course credit, I didn’t expect to find a passion there.”

Ms. Rhomberg told me how her family has impacted her being a teacher, something that runs in her blood. Her great grandma was a French teacher along with her great aunt, as well as her grandma being an English teacher.

Story by Hayden Jacobs




Xiaoling Zhang, Lower School Chinese teacher

[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Xiaoling Zhang now teaches Lower School Chinese. She was born in China and grew up there. She moved to the United States in 2000. She was a journalist and editor in her hometown for a few years. Though she enjoyed her Journalism career, she was ready to move into teaching.

“Teaching seems to me more like a real life matter; but the area of Journalism is more political. I knew that I didn’t want to be in that area forever.”

Ms. Zhang has a Masters Degree in Education. She started her teaching career in the United States at Lamplighter School. There, she taught science and technology for six years. She taught Chinese at Alcuin school for six years before the spot opened up at Greenhill.

“[Greenhill] is wonderful. I think people are just very nice here, and I can just walk into a classroom with a teacher and ask all these questions, and they are nice about it. I like the students too; they are very eager to learn.”

Ms. Zhang thinks that at lower schoolers’ age, the spark, inspiration, and interest in the culture and language are more important than memorizing facts. The good part about their age is that they are passionate at what they do; they do not need to learn for a grade. They can just enjoy themselves in the classroom.

As Ms. Zhang begins her Greenhill career as the lower school Chinese teacher, she hopes to ignite a spark in the childrens’ minds, making them feel interested in the Chinese culture. She is enjoying Greenhill so far, and is excited for great things to come.

Story by Jeffery Harberg


Other new faculty members include:

Ali Campos
Jessica Feng
Kyle Geftos
Lisa Kate Giovannini
Lindsay Guptill
Jana Jeffrey
Katie Jones
Jordan Palefsky ’12
Nate Griggs ’09
Ashley Williams
Sari Pogorzelski
Lauren Marold
Melissa Fulton McNally ’07
Elizabeth Schwartz
Valerie Rhomberg
Xiaoling Zhang
Emily Corbin
Joni Palmer
Nureen Patel
Stephanie Finley
Terry Martin
Valerie Hauss-Smith
Charles Owens
Abby Harrison
Stephanie Ledyard
Kasia Faber
Laura Forson
Stephanie Campbell
Mike Willis
Adam Berend
Taylor Patzig
Alex Torres
 Photos courtesy of Kerry Shea

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