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Library renovates computer lab, adds iPads

The library computer lab has been renovated this year. Rather than the familiar picture of the lab’s desks lined end-to-end with desktops, the lab has been modernized with the addition of iPads.

Last April, the librarian staff decided this would be a helpful change. This idea created more space, and for more classes and kids to use it as a place of study as well.

“The newly adapted lab allows more flexibility for teachers and students.  It can be used as classroom space, study space, or work space,” said Head Librarian Abby Harrison.

Although the lab now has iPads, the librarians did not do away with the desktops all together. There are still six desktop computers still in use in the lab. They are available for students who do not have access to their own computers.

For the Lower and Middle school students, the handheld iPads make learning more interactive and easier.

“There are different apps that Mrs. Martin uses for Lower School to enhance library and literary skills and the kids love it…that age is more adapt to technology and she helps prepare them for the future,” said librarian Sonja Hayes.

The librarian staff suggests that this change is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the future changes in the library.

“We are going to move shelving around so all nonfiction will be on one side and middle school students will have their own section.  In the future, we hope to have new soft furniture and a new makerspace for Legos, origami, circuit breakers, and coding robots,” said Head Librarian Abby Harrison.

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