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Kickoff to 2018-19 School Year: A Photo-Essay

In this photo essay, we highlight some new dimensions to our school. This essay reflects important new additions, including our new Head of School, Mr. Lee Hark. “The first days of school are about possibility, the year stretches out in front of you… there’s so much energy when people come in and I love that, I want to capitalize on that, and I want that to keep going so it’s not just the first days of school, so that sense of possibility is what people wake up to every morning” said Mr. Hark.

Photos by Sonia Dhingra and Raag Venkat 

First days in Greenhill: Our new Head of School Mr. Lee Hark.
First days in first grade: Teachers displayed signs about why they teach as a great kick-off to a year of learning and discovery with their students.










First days in second grade: All second-grade teachers have new U-shaped guided reading tables. They are designed specifically to facilitate best possible interaction amongst reading groups. 













First days in Lower School: New lounge furniture in between the third and fourth grades.
First days in third grade: An all-new, organized supply closet! The teachers are especially excited about this.







First days in Third Grade: Third grade will be working with our new all-school theme of community this year! These walls will be filled by the end of the year…













First days in Lower School: The wall between the kitchen and the computer lab has been knocked down, all the desktops have been taken out and new furniture has been put in to make it a more open, flexible, learning space that can be used by everybody. This is called room “412”.


First days in Lower School: Room “412” holds potential for a lot of creative minds to work in the future.












First days in Middle School: The Middle School classrooms have received all new furniture.
First days in Middle School: More furniture in Middle School: the furniture will start to affect the ways teachers organize their classrooms and have discussions.
First days in Sixth Grade: Signs are put up throughout the Sixth Grade hallway to welcome students.
First days in Sixth Grade: The Sixth Grade hallway.
First days in Upper School: The Upper School kicked off its new school year with lots of revamped furniture, including painted green poles in the Elliot Center.











First days at Greenhill: New additions have been made, including gender-neutral bathrooms.













First days in Upper School: Moments of laughter in the Student Center.













First days in Upper School: 2018-19 Seniors have officially decorated the water tower.

























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