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Junior Erin McGuire’s editorial published in The Dallas Morning News

Bombs are tools of mass destruction, along with disease. However, according to junior Erin McGuire, so is the traditional burger.

On April 26, the Dallas Morning News published Erin’s editorial about the benefits of veganism and her own journey to veganism. Erin says she used to be hesitant of the diet, but converted to full veganism at the beginning of this school year due to environmental concerns.

At the School for Ethics and Global Leadership, Erin was required to write an op-ed and to submit it to a newspaper. Erin decided to send it to her local newspaper, The Dallas Morning News, and was surprised to find out that it had been selected to be published.

Along with her editorial, The Dallas Morning News attached Erin’s email to the article, enabling readers to contact her, which brought mixed results for Erin.

“About half of them were trolls, saying things like you can’t tell us what to do or insulting me or other rudeness,” Erin said. “I did get a few responses that were clearly very thoughtful responding to my arguments and presenting arguments of their own which were interesting to me. A few people said they were affected by my op-ed and were now considering meatless or less meat diets.”

Erin herself became vegetarian last year after reading Animal Liberation by Peter Singer about vegetarianism. She found herself swayed by environmental arguments that promoted vegetarianism. According to Singer, more than half of the country’s water consumption is a result of the agriculture industry.

“All my life teachers told me that I could be greener by taking shorter showers, changing the light bulbs, turning off unused lights, and carpooling. They never mentioned meat eating,” said Erin.

Despite the fact that she once loved eating meat, Erin feels she has a responsibility not to eat meat and thinks that other people do too.

“I do think everybody has a moral responsibility not to eat meat. If I didn’t think that I wouldn’t be vegan, and I wouldn’t have written this op-ed. I personally feel that we should all strive to cause as little suffering as possible in life,” she said.

Photo courtesy of Erin McGuire

To read Erin’s editorial piece, click on the following link:

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