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Holidays Offer Service Opportunities for Greenhill Students

images By Catherine Leffert

On Dec. 20, 24 Greenhill students gathered on their first day free from school to volunteer at the Salvation Army Distribution Warehouse near Bachman Lake, where they organized and issued the Angel Tree project gifts to needy families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The aisles of the warehouse overflowed with red bags, filled with stuffed animal monkeys and remote control cars for children in low-income families around Dallas. The Greenhill volunteers job was to make sure that every Angel had been adopted, meaning that every child received at least one gift that they wanted and one that they needed.

Parents who know they will not be able to provide gifts for their children this year can sign up their children to be an Angel.

“The parents must often choose between paying the electric bill and buying a toy for their child, and the choice is a heartbreaking one,” said a Salvation Army employee.

This service trip is a longstanding tradition for Greenhill students, accompanied by Sally Rosenberg, Director of Community Service, and Jack Oros, Dean of Students.

“This is my favorite community service event of the season,” Mr. Oros said.

It was a way to start the holiday break by providing a little more joy for over 4,500 families and for Greenhill students to be, as the Salvation Army motto goes, “Doing the Most Good.”

The upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday offers a similar opportunity for service: Greenhill students will spend the morning at the North Texas Food Bank, where they will join students from other local private schools in sorting canned goods.

As Ms. Rosenberg reminded students at a recent GIVE Council meeting, MLK Day is a day on, not a day off.”

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