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Greenhill hosts interfaith panel for Upper School students

On March 28, the Muslim Student Association, Jewish Studies Club, South Asian Student Association, and Greenhill Christian Fellowship hosted an interfaith panel for Upper School students during F-day assembly. The panel featured religious leaders or practitioners of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism, including Imam Shpendim Nadzaku, Rabbi Nancy Kasten, Sashi Kejriwal, and Rev. Robert Purvey. The panel was meant to educate students about different religions represented at Greenhill. The panelists were asked about their basic tenants, misconceptions, and how to partake in interfaith discussions.

“It’s the best F-day assembly I’ve listened to,” said senior Konnell Woods. “One quote that stuck with me was from Mr. Kejriwal, saying ‘to have a misconception about a religion, you need to have a conception first’.”

While the panel lasted a little less than an hour, the idea to host one began more than a year ago when current seniors Zayna Syed and Simra Abedi approached Director of Equity and Inclusion Karen Bradberry about creating more interfaith projects.

“We just thought it would be a good idea because a lot of people don’t really know about Islam or about Hinduism,” said Simra. “We wanted to organize it so people had an understanding of how they are really similar and what they have in common.”

Photo courtesy of Karen Bradberry

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