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Greenhill Boys Varsity Tennis places fifth at the National High School Tennis All-American tournament

This past weekend, Boys Varsity Tennis placed in the top 10 at the National High School Tennis All-American tournament, one of the most competitive tournaments in the country.

“The skill level was like SPC times 1,000. Every team there played like they were a college team,” said junior Ali Khambati.

The tournament is invitation-only and serves as a development ground for many professional tennis players, such as Pete Sampras and Kimberly Po. Because of the competitive nature of the tournament, an All-American player must fulfill several requirements: the athlete must compete on a high school tennis team, sustain an above average academic record and be highly ranked among other tennis players in their age group. Decisions for All-American honors are researched and authorized by eight of the most highly respected high school coaches in the United States. Senior Nate Eazor did not lose a match at the tournament and was recognized as an All-State player.

“The tournament allowed us of us to play at a much more challenging level. The atmosphere was loud and passionate and we were constantly yelling at each court, cheering on another teammate,” said Nate. “Overall the tournament was a blast and we all rose to the occasion.”

The boys received fifth place in the tournament. They played four matches and lost the last to the Palisades Charter High School, the number one seed and eventual champions of the tournament. According to the Boys Varsity Tennis Coach, Scott Cotton, the team’s experiences in California will help them throughout the rest of their season.

“It’s some of the best high school tennis teams in the country, so it’s really competitive and it gives us a chance to see teams we otherwise wouldn’t see and play in tournaments we otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to play in. Mr. Jenks and I thought it was a really good trip not just because they played well and performed well, but because it was a good team bonding experience so I think it sets us up well to compete well and succeed as a team in SPC in the last month of the season,” Coach Cotton said.




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