From A Day of Remembrance to the Start of the NFL Season

It see like only a few months ago that we were in the midst of an NFL lockout. Though many people suspected the lockout was a stunt, nobody expected the lockout to last as long as it did.

            The lockout, which lasted 135 days, encompassed a professional soccer team tryout for Chad Ochocinco formerly known as Chad Johnson, the ex Bengal, and opened up the doors for numerous players such as Terrell Owens ex Cowboy, to make guest appearances on TV shows. But of course there were a few players, like Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, who actually went to court representing the players back home that were fishing and playing golf.

Ultimately, after bickering back and forth, a resolution was reached between the players and the owners. In the end, both were satisfied with the results. The players were happy with their extra “needed” millions; the owners were pleased because they only lost a few pennies out of their pockets. All greediness aside, the season was going to be played with the prospects of being an entertaining one.

And so the NFL kicked off this past week with the majority of the primetime games slated for Sunday. In a respectful notion, before the games, an honorary moment of silence and a tribute was held for those who were lost on 9/11.

Notable story lines from the weekend include: the dream team Eagles “Miami Heat 2.0 or some would claim” beating the rams, the Skins earning a “W” on America’s game of the week against the Giants, the Manningless colts getting a whipping by the Texans and becoming the “meaningless” colts, and then, perhaps, the biggest story of all: the Blowout type win for the Ravens over the Steelers in what usually is a close grid iron matchup.

Greenhill students were asked about how they thought the opening weekend went. Will Montgomery said,

“I thought the NFL did a great job of paying respect to our country by honoring those who died on 9/11 while at the same time getting everyone excited for the season.”

Brad Dillenback said, “I’m really glad football is back, Nothing like watching the Cowboys after a family dinner on Sunday. It was also crazy to see Ted Ginn Jr’s performance and to watch Cam Newton, my favorite player from Auburn, make his NFL debut.”

Another student, Blake Pruitt, said, “I am just so happy that the season is finally starting or else I would be really mad… I really don’t like the amount of time the NFL needed to resolve the lockout.”

Clint Golman took an interesting approach with his views, stating,

“I love the NFL but I think these new penalty rules, though they make it safer for players, makes the game less dynamic.”

Clearly there were elements of patriotism in these student views, as well as excitement. But football fans see from early on that there is no way to predict how a team on paper will translate onto the field. There is no doubt that, as the NFL season begins, some fantasy football players might be re-thinking their strategy.

The NFL opening weekend definitely primed us for a dramatic season, opening the way for questions such as: can the dream team win the Super Bowl? Will the Packers repeat or is this an end to the Peyton Manning Era? Stay tuned as we embark on another NFL season.

Sports editor

Matthew Chellaraj

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