Fresh face, fresh cars: fourth grader starts car washing business

Fourth grader Zachary Moskowitz’s has a love for cars and for cleaning things. From the age of seven, Zachary has found a way to combine his passions by cleaning cars. He started small, but on February 2, 2015, developed his hobby into a business called “Clean Car Wash.”

Zachary developed flyers on Microsoft Word at first. He placed them in his neighbors’ door handles and mailboxes. As his brand developed, his flyers were upgraded and he began to print professional flyers to pass out. Currently, he has 14 regular customers and said he gained five more over winter break. On top of that, he cleans all of the cars by himself and is self-taught.

“I just kind of wanted to earn money, and I like cleaning things. I found that cars are the most fun for me, and I like cars and vehicles too,” said Zachary.

Zachary said his biggest challenge has been applying the right amount of pressure to leather seats when wiping them down with leather wipes.

“When I first was learning how to [clean cars] it said ‘don’t push on the leather’ because it would cause the leather to rip, but sometimes there’s a client that has a kid so there’s a lot of ink on the seats and they come to me to get it off, but if I use thin layers and it doesn’t come off, [the client] will be like ‘go ahead and push harder’,” Zachary said.

Zachary’s business offers the options of an inside or outside clean, or a full clean involving both the exterior and interior of the car. He has also come up with a loyalty program for his customers that gives them the incentive to return to him.

Zachary does all the cleaning himself and learned how to do it all on his own. He said he prefers cleaning the inside of the car even though it can get really messy sometimes.

“I prefer the inside because sometimes you have to buff extra on the outside because of certain colors, like black, it’s harder to clean the outside because more streaks show up,” Zachary said.

Even then, Zachary highlights a particularly challenging experience cleaning the interior of a car that hadn’t been cleaned in one year.

“The person hadn’t had their car cleaned in a year. She had two kids and drove a minivan. There were layers and layers of popcorn, and candy, and paper, and bags. You name something and it was there in that car,” Zachary said.

In order to learn how to clean the cars properly, Zachary read books on car cleaning techniques and even developed his own, more efficient methods, such as using a squeegee or microfiber rags to prevent scratching.

Zachary said his favorite part about running the business is that he has extra money that is his own for him to spend.

“I like that I can have money and be more free with spending it. Instead of spending my parents’ money, I can have my own money to be able to buy myself things if I want,” Zachary said.


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