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Dancing to the top: Greenhill’s Bollywood Dance Troupe

The Bollywood Dance Troupe made their first appearance of the 2018-2019 school year this November in celebration of Diwali. 

During Upper School community time, the Bollywood Dance Troupe, or BDT, performed a dance to the song “Sheila Ki Jawani” from the 2010 film, Tees Maar Khan.

The dance the group performed was loosely based off the routine done to the song in the movie. The BDT members added their own personal touch to it.

“It was a version of the dance from the movie, and we just added stuff and made up stuff” said Sheela Vasan. “It wasn’t traditional or classical, but it was a lot of fun.”

The group prepared constantly for the performance, practicing at least 2-3 times a week. “I spent a lot of time with that group, coming in early and spending lunch and weekends practicing, but it was always fun,” said Sheela. 

The hours of practicing brought many students together, forming new friendships in all different grade levels.

“My favorite part about the BDT is the people” said freshman Pranav Mukund. “We are a fun group and we enjoy dancing together. I’ve formed some friendships that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t join BDT.”

The club does not have a restriction on who can join. Anyone can join, whether they have dance experience or not. Pranav joined without any previous Bollywood dance experience.  

“It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not,” said Pranav. “I didn’t have any experience going into the BDT, but I loved dancing because of the people that were in it.”

The Bollywood Dance Troupe has brought students together and show their culture to the school.

“I love it because it lets me share a part of my culture with my classmates, and because it’s a way to feel more connected to the movies, music and dance I love,” said Sheela. 

Photo by Caroline Greenstone

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