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Greenhill alum Lindsey Ingram ’15 speaking at a student protest at Occidental College. 

At the University of Missouri, a concern for racism and discrimination against minority students and faculty members has erupted into significant protests, urging for administrative action against campus racism, not only at Mizzou, but at universities nationwide. The Mizzou football team went on strike, refusing to practice or play until the university president stepped down. A university group called Concerned Student 1950 blocked university president Tim Wolfe’s car at homecoming in order to draw attention to the issue. After continued protests from students and faculty, Tim Wolfe and chancellor R. Bowen Loftin resigned from their positions.

This event and its unfolding have been under the gaze the entire nation, including that of Greenhill students.

“It’s sad that [these protests have] to happen, but it’s important, and I’m glad that people are standing up for what they believe in,” senior Andrea Mora said.

Other students have also shown sympathy for the protesters.

“There should be a zero tolerance policy against racism. If they’re actually harming people, they should get kicked out,” freshman Oliver Steinberg said.

Senior Jacob Pugh, who was recently admitted to Mizzou, said he admires the unity of the student protesters.

“I’m very proud of the students who are there and what they have done to this point with their movement,” he said.

The strong activist culture among Greenhill students and teachers has influenced the school’s stance on the Mizzou protests. Students, teachers, and alumni have voiced their support for the students through a multitude of ways.

Alumna Lindsey Ingram, Class of 2015, has been participating in the protests at her school, Occidental College.

“Every person in this nation is affected by what is going on at Mizzou because it is happening in our country and to our people,” Lindsey said.

A junior at Mizzou and a Greenhill alum from the Class of 2013, Lauren Butowsky said she doesn’t think many of the students posting on social media truly understand what is going on at Mizzou.

“I know that my fellow Greenhill alumni and current students have meant well, but at the same time, they don’t know what it’s been like here. There is not a right or wrong side, and I wish that the Greenhill community wouldn’t have been so quick to judge a situation that they were only familiar with because of the national media who didn’t accurately depict the events on campus,” she said.

Dallas native and University of Missouri student Alicia White said that Mizzou is not defined by the events of the past few weeks.

“I want high school students to understand about Mizzou is that it can happen anywhere,” said Alicia. “[They should] not look at Mizzou as a racist institution to completely scratch off their list but to look at it as a place to help evoke change.”

Photo by Cruz Riley.


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