The Evergreen Online is The Evergreen’s official news site. Greenhill Today is The Evergreen Online’s official newscast that releases every other Friday at 11am. 

The Evergreen is an award-winning, school-sponsored, student-run newspaper that is published six times a year. Since its establishment in 1966, The Evergreen has been recognized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and honored for its overall content and design on multiple occasions.

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Editorial Policy

The goal of all outlets of The Evergreen is to help the local community interpret campus, local, national, and international events through articles and editorials written and edited by students. The Evergreen aims to fulfill its agenda with policies of integrity and upholds a stringent code of ethics that values honesty, accuracy and responsibility.

The Evergreen reserves the right to edit submitted material for accuracy, grammar and length. The Evergreen will not publish any materials that fall under the Supreme Court’s definition of unprotected speech: works that are libelous, obscene, or invasions of privacy.

All accounts of deaths and other personal issues will be printed only with family consent.

Letters to the Editor are encouraged provided that they fall under protected speech. Any letters that are considered attacks on a plan or proposal will be shown to the person the letter most likely affects. All individuals will have a chance to respond to criticism in a letter. The Evergreen reserves the right to not publish letters they deem unfit for print. Anonymous letters will not be published.

The Staff Editorial represents the opinions of The Evergreen staff, not necessarily that of Greenhill School. Similarly, individual columns and letters do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Evergreen or Greenhill School.

The Evergreen does not submit to censorship and believes in the First Amendment rights for student journalists.

Suggestions, critiques, and complaints are welcomed and encouraged. The paper encourages businesses to advertise in The Evergreen but reserves the right to refuse an advertisement.

The Evergreen is printed six times during the school year. Print circulation is 1000 copies. Past issues are available for online viewing at

Online Comments Policy

We encourage readers to voice their opinions respectfully in regards to both the readers and writers of the publication. Comments will be pre-moderated and may be removed if deemed to be in violation of this policy. Comments should remain on topic, concerning the article they are about. Brevity is encouraged. Posting under a pseudonym is not permitted. A comment will be deleted if: 1) The comment attacks a named or identified person or group unreasonably; 2) The comment makes readers unreasonably uncomfortable on the basis of one’s race, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation or otherwise. 3) The comment attacks personally any school employee. 4) The comment contains A excessive obscenities or sexual explicitness. 5) It is determined that the comment is made under a false name or uses another person’s name or e-mail address. 6) The comment threatens or encourages violence. 7) The comment encourages illegal behavior. 8) The comment violates copyright or privacy protections.


Social News Gathering Ethics Code

The standards and practices are as follows: 1) Endeavoring to verify the authenticity of user-generated content before publishing or distributing it, holding it to standards that are equal or equivalent to those maintained for content acquired through other means. 2) Considering the emotional state and safety of contributors. 3) Considering the risk inherent in asking a contributor to produce and deliver, including whether it incentivizes others to take unnecessary risks. 4) Considering technical measures to ensure anonymity of sources when required. 5) Seeking informed consent for the use of social media through direct communication with the individual who created it. 6) Being transparent about how content will be used and distributed to other platforms. 7) Giving due credit to the owner of the content providing that consideration has been given to potential consequences, A including their physical, mental and reputational well-being. 8) Endeavoring to inform and equip journalists to confront the dangers of engaging with sources through social media networks and the digital footprint they leave behind.